HK Express $8 Tickets (Jul 14 Only!)

It’s Hong Kong Express Discount Monday again! You wouldn’t want to miss this week’s discounts and there is no reason not to snatch a ticket and just go somewhere! Because this week a one-way ticket to destinations like Japan/Taichung/ Korea can cost as cheap as HK$8 (before taxes)! Yes, that’s cheaper than the fee of a cross-habour bus!

Travel dates are between 15 July (this Thursday) to 23 September. Get ready today at midnight to keep hitting your refresh button, the prices are for 14 July only! Good luck!

HK Express

Here are the round-trip prices with taxes and surcharges included:

Hong Kong <> Wuxi$522 HKD
Hong Kong <> Ningbo$522 HKD
Hong Kong <> Kunming$522 HKD
Hong Kong <> Siem Reap $506 HKD
Hong Kong <> Taichung $436 HKD
Hong Kong <> Da Nang $443 HKD
Hong Kong <> Bangkok (Don Mueang)$473 HKD
Hong Kong <> Phuket $473 HKD
Hong Kong <> Chiang Mai $473 HKD
Hong Kong <> Seoul (Incheon)$510 HKD
Hong Kong <> Busan$468 HKD
Hong Kong <> Fukuoka $373 HKD
Hong Kong <> Tokyo (Haneda) $483 HKD
Hong Kong <> Nagoya $483HKD
Hong Kong <> Tokyo (Narita) $484 HKD
Hong Kong <> Osaka $515 HKD

For travels to Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai and Da Nang before 26 Oct, you can try using the 30 % off promo code SEA30OFF to see if it still works.

The above prices do not include charges for checked baggage, prices for checked baggage are as followed:

Taichung, Kunming, Ningbo, Chiang Mai, Siem Reap, Da Nang:
One way: 20kg – $150, 25kg – $200, 30kg – $250
Tokyo (Haneda)/(Narita), Seoul, Busan, Osaka, Fukuoka, Nagoya, Phuket, Bangkok:
One way: 20kg – $200, 25kg – $250, 30kg – $300

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    […] week is Hong Kong Express’s discounts as per usual. DO NOT MISS OUT on this week’s $8 one-way ticket discounts which is ONLY available today (14 Sep). Booking started at midnight today already, so […]

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