Where to Get Free Wifi in Hong Kong

For a short stay or if you do not want to spend money on a SIM card, there are thousands of places in Hong Kong where you can use wifi for free. Here are some of the main ones.

  • Airport: both terminals of Hong Kong airport have free wifi at decent speeds. You can spend couple of hours on it and there is no limit to connecting again after the session ends. There is also free wifi on the Airport Express into town and on A-numbered Cityflyer airport buses although in the past I have found the buses’ wifi connection to be spotty.
  • MTR: There are hotspots in most MTR stations offering fifteen minutes of free wifi up to five times per day although I have struggled to connect to these. Some larger stations, like Central, also offer some free to use computers connected to the Internet.
  • Shopping malls: a lot of higher end shopping malls in Hong Kong offer free wifi, for example at IFC mall above Hong Kong station on the Airport Express.
  • Convenience stores: convenience stores sometimes offer free wifi available for twenty minutes or so. 7-11 is the best bet here though not all of its stores offer free wifi. Its store finder is here (you can filter for free wifi) or just walk down the street and you’ll typically find one pretty fast.
  • McDonald’s: McDonald’s stores offer free wifi for one use per day, typically without proof of purchase though it would be polite to buy something.
  • Hotspots: some organisations like Wi-Fi.HK offer free wifi at hotspots. Details are on their website. Some wifi hotspot network providers like PCCW have in the past offered free access for a limited time, but when this will next happen is unpredictable.

If you are visiting Hong Kong for any length of time and want free wifi, you may want to check out our guide to the best tourist prepaid SIM cards.


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