UBER in Hong Kong + Free Credit

Wondering what’s going on with UBER in Hong Kong? There’s been a bit of hoopla lately with all of the press surrounding the raid and arrest of UBER employees in the local office. It’s fairly embarrassing on the HK government, but what’s done is done.

Today UBER is still operating in Hong Kong, and it’s a great alternative to the usually plentiful taxis.

Free UBER credits

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UBER Hong Kong

What is UBER?

UBER is a service similar to a taxi, where a driver will pick you up wherever you are and drop you off at a certain destination. It’s a bit like calling for a private car, but instead of calling you only need to hit a button on the app.

What services does UBER offer?

Currently there’s three official UBER services in HK.

  • UBER Black
  • UBER Taxi
  • UBER Van


UBER Black is the normal service where someone with a private vehicle will pick you up. You can request the closest car, or specifically a sedan or 7 seater, pretty awesome if you’ve got a bunch of people traveling together.

$25 base fare + $1.50 per minute + $6 per kilometer

Minimum fare: $40

Cancellation fee $20


UBER Taxi is a service where you can request a taxi via the app.

I don’t see many taxis on the app. Since there was a big uproar from the taxi commission I’m not surprised. There are options to add $15 or $30 to the taxi fare for them to come to you, you might see more cars using those options.

Normal taxi fares:

$22 first 2 km

Every 200m or part thereof, or every 1 minute of waiting time $1.6 until reaches $78, then $1 after.


UBER Van, as the name implies, you’ll get a van. This is primarily for moving items rather than people according to the website, but if the van comes with seats I don’t see why you couldn’t take it to shuttle people around. The fares are certainly competitive and on-par with a normal taxi. Don’t expect these vans to be as nice as the UBER Black ones though.

$15 base fare + $1.12 per minute + $3.15 per kilometer

Minimum fare: $30

Cancellation fee $20


Occasionally you will run into other types of options such as UBER Tesla where you can request a Tesla to pick you up. Not sure the exact fares but the app is showing $50 minimum fare which I find reasonable to hop in a futuristic and supposedly environmentally friendly car.


Give UBER a try and see if it works well for your lifestyle. I find it really handy if you have a large number of people that can’t fit into one taxi, a location that doesn’t have many taxis driving by, or when the taxi queue is so long that you’d rather wait for someone to come get you.

Also, there’s a short article here about the recent events and taxi vs ride-sharing in HK if you’re curious. Who knows what’ll happen in the future. My predictions, China will block UBER and HK will keep UBER like everything else foreign.

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