Travelon Manual Luggage Scale Review


One of my latest purchases is a Travelon Luggage scale. Since I travel frequently with checked-in luggage, and with airlines cracking down on the weight limits, I figured a small investment in a luggage scale would be prudent.

In the past I had an electronic digital scale, but it was really bad. The battery would always die, the measurements would be off, it was just a pain to use. For my new luggage scale I wanted to make sure it was manual to avoid having battery and wrong weight issues.

travelon luggage scale

The Travelon luggage scale worked out perfectly after I bought it. It’s not the smallest scale on the market, but light enough not to make a dent on your luggage allowance. It also appears sturdy enough to lift up heavy luggage, you can measure up to 70 lbs or 32 kg accurately.

Basically you just hook on your luggage to the scale hook and lift it off the ground. There is a indicator which will stay in place to record the weight so you don’t have to look at it while lifting, smart product feature there. Not much more to say, if you’re looking for an inexpensive luggage scale, go with this manual model or something similar and you shouldn’t be disappointed.



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