Travelers’ Guide to Health Insurance


People travel for different reasons. Some people travel for taking a break from city life while some travelholics even quit their day jobs and live out of their suitcases in search of the next great adventure! Perhaps it’s a natural instinct of wants to explore the greater world, or it could just be in our blood not wanting to be confined in one place, or it may even be the needs of immersing ourselves in new experiences. It could be all that. Or, it could also be some of us who has a burning desire to get away from our boss for a little while!
If you travel frequently, a common concern aside from missing your flight or finding a place to stay at is what will happen if you get sick during a trip. All travelers are at risk of getting ill while on the road, whether it be from coming stomach pains or something more serious like a broken leg.

Injured Traveler

Given these risks, adequate health insurance that provides extensive coverage for the risks you’re exposed to during overseas trips can protect you from bearing all of the costs of seeking treatment. Let’s look at some of the health insurance plans that are being offered in Hong Kong, which can help you to put your mind at easy in the knowledge that if you do have to cover unexpected medical costs, at least your policy will have you covered. Moneyhero is a new site offering comparison of different health insurance options for you.

Health Insurance in Hong Kong

If you’re a frequent traveller who wants to get assistance for a medical emergency during your trips, you should look for a medical insurance plan that provides emergency out-of-region treatment cover. Here in Hong Kong, there are several medical insurance providers that offer individual plans with worldwide traveler assistance.

AXA’s SmartCare Essential plans has three types: Gold, Silver, and Bronze, and all three plans have 24-hour worldwide protection. The Gold plan has a maximum annual benefit of HKD 500,000 a year and it pays the policyholder double the daily cash benefit if they are confined at a hospital while overseas or are admitted to an intensive care unit.
If you travel to mainland China frequently, AXA’s SmartCare Essential plan also has a deposit guarantee card that will cover the cash deposit required should you need medical assistance in China. The card can be used in over 200 hospitals in China.

Blue Cross is another medical insurance provider in Hong Kong that provides individual medical insurance plans. Their Super Medical Insurance series has plans that are tailored for kids (Super Junior), women (Super Lady), men (Super Man), and older people (Super Senior).

Not only does Blue Cross’ Super Medical Insurance plans provide medical assistance to the policyholder within Hong Kong, but it also provides 24-hour Worldwide Emergency Aid where the policyholder can get medical, legal, and travel assistance from their round-the-clock emergency aid hotline. Like AXA’s plan, they have a Medpass Card that also pays for the admission deposit if the policyholder needs to be hospitalised in Mainland China.

Cigna’s HealthFirst Elite Medical Insurance plan provides the policyholder with an option to get medical insurance coverage around the world, except in the U.S. The maximum claim that the policyholder is eligible under Cigna’s plan is HK$12million a year. Those who avail of this medical insurance plan from Cigna get a free medical checkup and a free influenza vaccination every year. Policyholders can also avail of the steep discount on different health and wellness services being offered under the plan’s health and wellness program.

Travel Insurance Plans in Hong Kong

Travel insurance is another great option for frequent travellers. While medical insurance can cover the medical expenses of the policyholder even when he’s not in his home country, a travel insurance provides assistance to the policyholder not just for emergencies when travelling overseas but also for other travel inconveniences.

AXA has a Smart Traveler plan that covers medical expenses when travelling but also provides worldwide emergency assistance service. It also offers a series of benefits if the policyholder experiences baggage delay, trip curtailment, travel delay, loss of deposit, or cancellation of trip among others. The VIP plan can cover up to HK$1,000,000 and that covers medical expenses including hospitalization as a result of an accident or sickness.

BlueCross Hong Kong is offering a travel insurance plan called Travel Smart. The plan provides up to HK$1,200,000 for worldwide expenses, as well as follow-up medical expenses after returning to Hong Kong. Like most travel insurance plans, Blue Cross’s Travel Smart plan has trip cancellation and trip curtailment benefits. It even has coverage for leisure and non-professional sports activities like skiing and other winter sports, as well as diving and hiking so that you can enjoy these activities during your trip and still be covered by your insurance if you get into an accident.

Enjoy Your Trip: Be Adequately Covered by Your Insurance Plan

Whatever insurance product you choose, make sure to study the fine print of the insurance plan’s terms and conditions. The assistance you get from your health insurance may be limited to emergency cases only and or may not cover hospitalization expenses so you have to ask your insurance provider about every detail.

There are exclusions to a lot of insurance products and you should take the time to review these before you sign up for the plan and start paying premium. If you’re going on your
trip, make sure to save the hotline number of your insurance provider on your phone so that you can call the number if you need it. With an insurance plan that protects you from the high cost of seeking treatment while on a trip, you’ll be certain to worry less about the risks and enjoy your vacation more!


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