Travel Insurance Benefits Explained in Everyday Language

Wondering what some of the Benefits/Terms in your Travel Policy mean or what will it take to file a claim? Here’s a layman’s dictionary.

Public Carrier/Conveyance

  • any form of public transportation – a bus, train, subway, plane, boat/ferry, taxi

Double Indemnity

  • 2x the benefits (HK policies tend to have pay this if accident happens on a public carrier)

Baggage Delay

  • After a set number of hours of delay (different for every policy), you can claim for the inconvenience of needing to buy extra clothing/toiletries (while waiting for your baggage). You’ll need a report from the airline detailing how long the delay was if you expect the insurer to pay.

Lost or Damaged Baggage

  • A police report must be obtained if stolen, otherwise you need a report from the airline. Oftentimes if the airline is responsible for breaking your bag they will compensate for it, so this is a bit of a runoff policy.

Cancellation Expense

  • This can be claimed if you cannot make your flight due to an accident or are medically unfit to travel BEFORE the trip. Sometimes a jury summons or damage to your home will qualify as well. If you pass away, your next of kin can claim on your behalf.

Curtailment Expense

  • Very similar to Cancellation Expense, this is claimed if DURING the trip, if you pass away, get in an accident or are medically unfit to travel.

Re-Routing Expenses

  • If a cancelled flight from inclement weather/strike/disaster leads to your next leg of journey to require rebooking, you may claim this.

Public Liability

  • If you accidentally injure another person or damage someone’s property during your trip. This will not cover you while driving a car. But some sample scenarios: if you open a car door and accidentally hit a bicyclist, if you open a car door and dent the door of the car parked next to you, if you drop something on someone’s foot.

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