Transfer Avianca Lifemiles with 125% Bonus (Generate Miles at 1.2 US Cents)

Avianca Lifemiles is offering a fantastic bonus where transferring miles between accounts will net you a 125% bonus on miles transferred. There are some gimmicks to the terms and conditions but you can possibly generate infinite amount of miles for 1.2 US cents per mile.

The Offer

Avianca Lifemiles is running the promotion where for mileage transfer to another member’s account, the recipient will receive 125% bonus miles on top of the miles transfer. This allows you to generate miles by transferring at a very low price at 1.2 US cents per mile. As the same for most deals, this comes with some gimmicks in the fine prints, but it should not dissuade the fact for you to take advantage of this deal.

The promotional email found in my inbox

Always Read the Fine Prints

There are some limitations in the terms and conditions, most notably the following:

  • Each account can only transfer a maximum of 75,000 miles per year (before bonus)
  • Each account can only receive a maximum of 75,000 miles from transfers per year (before bonus)
  • Transfers must be in 1000 mile increments.

That being said, here are some good news from the terms:

  • The transaction is instantaneous.
  • New accounts are eligible for this offer.

And of course, you need to have some miles in your Lifemiles account in order to make the transfers.

Maximizing this Deal

Paying 1.2 US cents per mile for Avianca Lifemiles to me is about as good as a deal you can get. It is significantly better than their recent award miles sale where you can purchase Lifemiles at 1.375 US cents per mile (expired). I personally have maxed out how much miles I can transfer in this promotion, and I encourage anyone with Lifemiles sitting in their account to take advantage of this offer.

The fascinating thing about this deal is that it allows transfer from A to B then back to A. Which means you can transfer miles to one of your family member’s account and immediately transfer back to your own, with this transfer bonus applied on both transactions. You will be expecting some error message popping up, but I had successfully done the above. Transactions are instant so you will see the miles plus bonus showing up immediately after your transfer transaction is charged from your credit card.

When you receive a Lifemiles transfer with the 125% bonus, you can also immediately transfer those miles (including the bonus you just received) and receive another 125% bonus to the third account. This opens up the possibility to generate infinite miles at 1.2 US cents each, but you just have to distribute it in various accounts due to the 75,000 (pre-bonus) transfer and receiving limit for miles.

What I did so far:

Firstly, I signed up my entire family to Avianca Lifemiles, where I got 3 brand new accounts under the name of my brother, mother and sister. In my own account, I have about 120K Lifemiles, and I did the following:

  • 32,000 miles from my account to my mother’s account and received 72,000 miles. Then transferred them all back to my own account again and received 162,000 miles. (Generated 130,000 miles at 1.2 US cents)
  • Another 32,000 miles from my account to my sister’s account and transferred the 72,000 miles received to my brother’s account. (Note I can no longer transfer miles back to my own account at this time as it will go over the 75,000 miles recipient limit, but still, that is 130,000miles at 1.2 US cents each)
  • 3,000 miles from my account directly transferred to my brother’s account to make 6750 miles (the same cost and maxed out the receiving limit on my brother’s account)
Generating 130,000 miles back to my own account

Theoretically, under this promotion, you can generate infinite Lifemiles at this very low price but beware that you may end up having orphan miles spread across many accounts. In total, I generated 266,750 miles for about 3200USD. This represents a much better deal than any sale Lifemiles ever offered.

I did not totally max out this deal as I prefer to consolidate my mileage currencies in a few accounts. Ultimately, I was able to put all the miles into 2 accounts (mine and my brother’s), which makes it much easier to manage.

Use of Avianca Lifemiles

There are many uses for Avianca Lifemiles, the best option is First and Business Class travel redemption on many awesome Star Alliance airlines. First Class redemption from Hong Kong to North America on ANA and Asiana costs 90K miles one-way and Business Class costs 75K miles one-way. If you are able to generate miles like I did for 1,2 US cents each, that is basically paying less than 1100USD to fly some of the world’s best First Class for over 12 hours on many flights.

Making things even better, Avianca Lifemiles never passes on fuel surcharges on award tickets. This means you can also use Lifemiles to circumvent the dreadful fuel surcharge on award tickets for carriers like Lufthansa/Swiss and others. Award availability has also improved since their new online booking system is in place this year, however, there are still reports on issues pricing out certain flights online.

We have a dedicated article on the use of Avianca Lifemiles which you can check it out here.

There is also a good wiki on booking issues with Lifemiles redemptions on Flyertalk.


This promotion presents an excellent opportunity to pick up Avianca Lifemiles at an extremely low cost. Furthermore, there is no restriction on how many miles you have to “purchase” in this promotion. I would encourage anyone with good use of Avianca Lifemiles in mind to take part in this promotion.

What do you think about Avianca Lifemiles? Leave a comment below.

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