Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery


Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery is one of the best off the beaten path attractions in Hong Kong. It’s located on a mountainside in Shatin and easily accessible, as long as you can hike up a whole lot of stairs. 10,000 Buddhas Monastery is actually a misnomer though, there are actually OVER 10,000 Buddhas in ranging sizes, from miniature to huge.

Buddha Stairs

The easiest way for tourists to get there is to take the MTR (former KCR) East Rail line to Shatin station.

  1. Take Exit B
  2. Make a left at the exit (bus terminal)
  3. Walk down the ramp towards your right
  4. Go straight until you hit the IKEA building (aka HomeSquare)
  5. Walk left around the IKEA building and right turn at Sheung Wo Che Street.
  6. The entrance to the monastery has a sign and arrow pointing towards fences and the mountain.

It looks a bit unkept because it’s part of an old village but don’t worry. It’s about a five minute walk from the train Station to the entrance of the stairs.

Buddha Sign

You’ll quickly see golden Buddhas lining the stairs, so you’ll know you’ve arrived. Keep walking up the stairs until you reach the temple. You’ll want to bring drinks, it’s probably about the same as a twenty story building.

Buddha Pray

Once you reach the top you’ll be able to see larger Buddhas and the main temple where you can go inside and see thousands of miniature Buddhas. There’s also a pagoda where you can climb the winding stairs to the top.

Buddha Pagoda

I hope you enjoy the journey to the New Territories as much as I did. Take in the fresh air, enjoy the hike and scenery, and learn about some culture while you’re there.  The best part, you don’t get hoards of tourist buses like many of Hong Kong’s other popular tourist sites.


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