Smartone $68 and New World Mobility $60 unlimited data plans

This option is great for both HK residents who don’t require high speed data, and visitors to HK.

Update Oct 2014: Note the $68 is no longer available and now $78. See details.

Smartone recently introduced a $68 plan (+$12 MTR fee) for UNLIMITED 3G data and 1700 voice minutes. Certainly more than enough for probably 99% of visitors to HK. The catch, it’s a limited speed of 384 kbps, which is certainly speedy for web surfing and emails. Just don’t be expecting to stream youtube videos smoothly. The best part, there’s NO contract and you get to select your own phone number vs a random one from the prepaid SIM cards.

New World Mobility also has a plan for $60 + $12 MTR fee but they require at least a 12 month contract to be signed. I don’t think that’s worth it to save $8, but if you’re interested here’s the link.

For residents who don’t require super-high speed internet for streaming I think this is ideal and suggest you sign up before they pull the plug.

I know a lot of visitors who come have questions regarding pre-paid SIM cards and such, and usually they’re pretty cheap if you buy them from 7-11 at the airport. No ID is required, it’s inexpensive enough for a few days usage, and some SIM cards include data (usually more expensive.) Alternatively, if you plan to be here awhile, you can sign up for a monthly plan without a contract.

The main drawback for visitors to doing this is that generally the following is required, so if you have any friends or family in HK I’d suggest to place the number under their name since you will HKID and address proof. You can just cancel it right before you leave in case they’re worried you won’t pay them back, lol.

  1. HKID
  2. Address proof (any bank statement, phone bill within 3 months)
  3. Credit card for autopay

Overall this is a great affordable way to gain access to voice and data in HK for very cheap, as long as you can find someone with a HKID to sign up for you. (I know this post wasn’t really travel related, but it kind of is.)

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  1. mark says:

    Is there any unlimited data for prepaid sim that you can register?like $50 mop

  2. gloria marie rago pastrana says:

    why i cannot use my no.through online enternet…even to make a call and message what happen i pay advance then ur service not so good…this so unfair pls check the’s my no.5543 6315

  3. J says:

    Does the deal still exist? Will be in Hk in 5 days.

  4. sg says:

    I am a customer of new world mobility is cheap service plan but their customer service is one of the worst service in hong kong. hotline service 24 hours busy and if you leave message they will reply almost 2 days later. Resume service suppose to be after 2 hours but even whole day could not resume the service. very bad service and poor customer service.

    • Sudhir, sorry to hear about your bad customer experience with NWM. I guess they only promised cheap mobile service, not good customer service, lol. I’ve had good experiences with Smartone if you consider changing!

  5. Tracy says:

    can you buy an iphone it selff and use the 68 dollar plan

  6. Wils says:

    I have the Smartone $68 plan and although it’s slow, it is ok for email and general web-surfing. Best of all it has no contract and it’s so cheap! Thanks for pointing out the New World plan. I did not know about that one. If it is full speed 3G on the excellent CSL network then it is a much better deal than the Smartone one. I live in HK so the need for a contract etc doesn’t worry me. I may have a look into that one. Thanks again for the info.

  7. James says:

    This is even useful for people living in HK!
    Just made some research, I found the New World one actually uses the CSL network which is considered to be the best network in HK.

    Thanks for the info!

    • Yes, 1010, One 2 Free, and New World Mobility are all part of CSL. yes it’s great for us in HKG too, just remember you probably can’t do much streaming with the limited bandwidth. But I did try it at the store, normal web surfing is fine from what I could see.

  8. wanderlustyleopard says:

    This is something I can really use. My mum is planning a longish visit and I was trying to figure out how to get her a pre-paid phone in HK. You really think of everything 🙂

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