Review: Hong Kong Disneyland Day Trip


I just came back from Hong Kong Disneyland last week, to experience some of the Haunted Halloween decorations and attractions. Disneyland as many of you heard, is very small in Hong Kong, but they have recently added two new areas, Grizzly Gulch, and Toy Story land. Mystic Point is the third land they’re adding, which is still under construction.

Dizzying Teacups

Disneyland is easy to reach, just take the MTR to Sunny Bay and switch to the Mickey themed MTR to Disneyland. Takes about 30-40 minutes from Central. Since MTR has been giving away those ride 10 get 1 free tickets, I used those for my trip out to Disneyland, it’s a bit pricey at over $20 each way from where I live so saved a bit on the transport with those free tickets!

Disneyland Fountain

It was a fun day and I got there in the late afternoon around 5pm when the sun was setting. Was starving so went to the Star Diner in Tomorrowland to grab some food. The food is reasonably priced at about $60-70 for meals at all of the fast food outlets I saw. Food at the stands is cheaper at around $20-26 for drinks, $16 for corn. While maybe expensive for HK standards, relatively cheap compared to what you’d pay at a theme park in the Western hemisphere.


Various ride such as Space Mountain were modified slightly for the Halloween theme and they were giving out candy in Fantasyland. One type was Skittles, and another was this weird fruit candy with yogurt from Dole, yuck. Candy should only be unhealthy in my eyes. I heard there were marshmallows too, but couldn’t find those unfortunately.

I did wait in line for about an hour for one of the Ghost Houses, which was much better than in previous years. The themeing and actors were more professional and I was quite happy with the scares, despite the long wait. There also a few portions of the park where people are dressed up in various costumes such as the grim reaper and try to pop out and scare you through the thick smoke. It’s all part of the fun and a nice change from the regular cartoony Disneyland.

Grizzly Gulch is one of the new lands but only has a single ride, a mine rollercoaster. Fortunately this is a great ride for Disney and I was pleasantly surprised. The mine train twists and turns in various directions and even shoots you back and forth a couple of times, a nice surprise for what could’ve been a snore of a rollercoster. There’s also a few things to play with with such as a Wild West jail and a water gun area when you can get your friends wet.

Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars

Toy Story Land was in my opinion the best themed area. Disney really went all out with the theming and did a great job to make you feel like a miniature person with giant toys everywhere. There are a few new rides in this area with the Racer ride the most impressive, it’s basically a modern version of the Buccaneer Pirate Ship.There’s also a parachute drop but it’s really dinky and short compared to the ones I’ve seen in the US. Lastly, there’s s slinky dog ride, which is similar to the Himalaya ride in the US, but as usually it doesn’t go as fast and tamed down for the Chinese audience. 

Toy Story Land

Of course I went on some of the signature rides such as It’s a Small World, the Jungle Cruise, and the teacups, which got me thoroughly dizzy. All in all a fun time and while still small, the new areas certainly help expand the number of rides you can go on. I just wish Grizzly Gulch was bigger and had more rides rather than a single rollercoaster and there were more characters walking around. I didn’t see Mickey until I was leaving and couldn’t even take a picture with him.

Disneyland HK Castle


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