Power plugs, adapters, and electricity in Hong Kong

Hong Kong as a former British colony, follows England when it comes to many things such as road signs and the power grid. If you are visiting from the UK, you will feel right at home in Hong Kong when it comes to plugging in your electronics. The voltage and plug types are the same, 220v and plug type G.

HK Plug type G

Now that you know the voltage and plug type, how do you ensure your electronics will be compatible?


220 volts / 50 hertz

Probably more important than plug type, you’ll need to make sure the voltage support is listed on your device. You can check usually by looking directly on the plug. I’ve taken pics of a few electronics I have to show you whether not these are compatible. Usually there is a voltage range listed, and if 220v falls within that, you’re good to go!

FYI, most every mobile phone and computer these days supports worldwide voltage, but doesn’t hurt to double check. If you plug in a device with the wrong voltage, it might spark, blow up, etc. I wouldn’t advise it. Speaking from experience here.


Look under “Input”: 100-240v


120v only

If you really need to use your electronics that doesn’t support 220v, there is something called a voltage converter that can convert voltage but they’re bulky and expensive, maybe $250+ HKD. You can find them at many hardware stores in HK. Looks something like the below.

Plug Type:

Now that you’ve determined the voltage of your electronic works with 220v, you’ll need to make sure you can plug it into the G type socket. This the easy part, there’s plenty of plug converters out there. World power plugs has an in-depth article on HK plugs and other countries too.

HKSIMCard sells plugs and adapters to use. You simply plug your device into the plug, which then has the G type shape to plug into the socket in Hong Kong.

Personally I would pick the simple cheap types that convert all plugs into British/HK over the universal adapters. The simple plug types are cheaper, and usually stay in the socket better since they’re not as bulky.

British Type Plug Adapter

You can alternatively get a universal adapter which should cover most of the world. These are good since you only need one adapter for your travels, but they’re bulky and tend to fall out of the sockets once in awhile. Either way, these will work for you.

Worldwide travel adapter
Worldwide travel adapter

As mentioned, you can buy plug converters from HKSIMCard or many retail stores in your home country may carry them. If you want to pick one up after arriving in Hong Kong, best bet will be some of the street markets or hardware stores sprinkled throughout the city.

Pricing wise, they’re affordable at usually only a couple USD when buying on the street. I would suggest packing one with you though. You don’t want to be stuck unable to charge your phone when you arrive and trying to hunt for these things when you most need it.

Oddly enough, while I see them often sold in HK, I can’t seem to find any adapters when I’m looking for one. Life’s just like that sometimes. Lol.

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