Peach Airline $100 Flights to Japan!

Another discounts from low-cost carrier this week! This time you get one way tickets to Okinawa for the cheapest at HK$100 (HK$265) and Osaka from HK$150 (HK$315)!

There are a limited amount of 1,000 tickets only for travels to Japan between October 25 and January 31 2016!

*Update: For return tickets, check out the latest discounts the cheapest at HK$83!

So go here  (you have to use the Chinese site to searh for deals though… so for your reference: Osaka = 大阪,Okinawa=沖繩) to book your tickets from midnight today (Aug 7) to Aug 10 at 2 pm! 



*Prices do not include checked baggage. Each piece of 20kg checked bags would be charged an extra HK$260 per way.

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  1. August 7, 2015

    […] the $100 flights to Japan offered by Peach Airline that started last night? Now the airline has furthur launch discounts for one way return flights […]

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