Pacman on Google Maps


So, I found this interesting line on my Google Maps app today when I was going to put in an address, it said “insert coin” with a Pacman logo. Well, I clicked on it, and it transported me to some random city around the world and I could play Pacman! Cool.


It’s a little hard to control Pacman since the roads aren’t all straight, but it’s fun nonetheless and killed a few minutes of my life.

google pacman

You can also play on your web browser. When you go to Google Maps, you should see a little Pacman box on the lower left of your screen. Click on it and it should convert where you’re looking at into a Pacman map. Again, a little hard to control the direction on the PC since the arrows only go up down left right, but the streets are all crooked. Cute little Easter Egg.

google pacman


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