Outbound passengers from Delhi (DEL) to get refund


According to the announcement below, it looks like you are due a refund from your airline if you are flying out of DEL and booked a ticket before Jan 1, 2013. Be sure to see if you were charged the older more expensive fee, or the cheaper fee. (I’ll bet you were charged the older fee if you booked in 2012.)

Don’t expect the airlines to automatically refund any money neither. I’d phone up reservations and request a refund.

NEW DELHI: The aviation ministry has directed airlines to refund the excess airport development fee to passengers flying from Delhi who booked at the older rates but will be travelling after January 1 when lower rates came in force. The earlier ADF of Rs 200 and Rs 1,300 for each outbound domestic and international passenger from Delhi airport has been lowered to Rs 100 and Rs 600 in the new year.

“Passengers who bought tickets for travel after January 1 earlier by paying the old rates will get a refund of the difference in fee. The ministry conveyed this to the DGCA, which in turn has issued an order to airlines in this regard.” said a ministry official.



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