One World Trade Center: Tallest Building in New York


The symbolic spire of World Trade Center One has been lifted into place in New York City. I think this means a lot as it signifies some closure to one of the most impactful terrorist events in my generation.  I think the new structure is nice, but not as commanding as two twin giant buildings standing side by side. I do like the glass facade and the angles which make the building appear as though it’s twisting as you look up.

WTC Spire Construction

American media has been trying to make it into a large momentous occasion stating it’s the tallest structure in the “Western Hemisphere.” While certainly true, it just doesn’t have the same cachet as saying it’s the “World’s Tallest” as when the Empire State Building and original World Trade Center were completed.

I found an article from NBC which I’d like to share, it has a great pictures and descriptions on the tallest buildings in the world, and of course they’re all in the Middle East and Asia now. For some reason I didn’t realize ICC was one of them and is prominently holding fifth place.

new wtc


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