Ivacy VPN Review & Coupon

Update Feb 21, 2017: Ivacy is offering a winter sale now 86% off!

Hope everyone is having a Merry Christmas

Occasionally I will review VPN services, usually on a yearly basis when it comes time to renew. This year I decided to go with Ivacy VPN. It’s a great service that lets you change your IP address to anywhere in the world they have a server. Ivacy server list includes over 100 countries.

Currently Ivacy is having a Christmas sale through Dec 31 $39.95 USD for 24 months which is an absolute steal, $1.66 per month. Also, for an additional 10% use coupon code CHRISTMAS2016 bringing down the cost to $36. At this price you should sign up if you are marginally interested, and would appreciate if you use our link.

I use VPN mostly to access streaming video from other countries, that are restricted to the local IPs. You could use it for other purposes such as accessing local websites, downloading bittorrents, etc. Ivacy used to be based in HK, but now the headquarters are in Singapore.

Setup was super easy, there’s a program I installed on my Macbook and iPhone. No old school manual configuration necessary. There’s a ton of countries and cities to choose from, certainly fits my minimal needs.

Showing IP now Australia, but I'm sitting in HK

Most important for me is speed, so I did a few speed tests while sitting at Pacific Coffee one day. Their internet is speedy, see the results below:

HK, no VPN

HK, no VPN

Adelaide, OZ IP

Adelaide, OZ IP

london ivacy

London, UK IP

Los Angeles, USA IP Address

Los Angeles, USA IP Address

The speeds varied greatly, but overall should be fast enough for most usage. I tried Youtube and didn’t have a problem steaming. Seems they do need to upgrade their server in Adelaide though, or maybe Australia just has slower internet vs UK and US.

Should you decide to go with Ivacy, you won’t be disappointed. Prices are cheap and servers are quick and reliable. I am an affiliate with them so would appreciate you using this link to sign-up so we can keep this site going!

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