Insider’s guide to Korea best souvenirs!

Are you planning a trip to Korea? How best do you plan to preserve the good memories you are just about to experience? Pictures? Videos? While going digital is one of the best ways to keep memories alive, nothing beats souvenirs.

These cheap souvenirs from Korea will not only trigger the fun moments in the future, but can also be presented as a gift to friends and family members. Unlike sharing video clips or images on social media, souvenirs show personal effort and a great symbol of your love and care to those you give.

In Korea, you will find a plethora of cool souvenirs in different market and stores. If you are after the best, then this article is precisely what you need to get informed on how to go about it.

If you’re also coming through Hong Kong, visit our picks for souvenirs to buy while in Hong Kong as well.

Korean cosmetics

Beauty is a big deal in Korea. If you have a friend or family member who would love a different set of cosmetics, Innsfree or Laneige makes the perfect gift. BB creams are common in Korea, and for a reason so don’t miss out. Be sure to read reviews of the cosmetic before you buy.

  • Where to buy: Lotte Department Store, Eulji-ro 11-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul / lope Air Cushion, Myeodongdong, Jung-gu, Seoul.
  • Price:
  • Portability: easy
  • Best gift for: Female friend or family member who loves beauty.BB Creams


Nothing beats a quality drink with family after a long flight. Soju is a traditional alcoholic beverage. It comes in an iconic green bottle and is available in Korea airports and local food store. Make sure to check it into your luggage if bringing it home, and adhere to your country’s duty free alcohol limit.

  • Where to buy: Any convenience store in Korea. If you like, you can purchase it at the airport.
  • Price: 1,000-3,000 won
  • Portability: Easy if you pack light. 
  • Best gift for: Family members or friends who take alcoholic drinksoju


Do you love unique kitchenware? Korean bowls and cutlery will suit you great.

  • Where to buy:  Namdaemun Market in Seoul, Busanjin market in Busan.
  • Portability:  easy
  • Best gift for: Your mum or friend who loves cooking


Korea is known for its high-quality electronics. For flight luggage weight limitation these electronics are the best as souvenirs: headphones, mp3 player, USB sticks.

  • Where to buy:  Yongsan Electronics Mall, outside Yongsan Station, Lotte, E-mart, and Techno Mall
  • Price: Know price beforehand and negotiate.
  • Portability: easy
  • Best gift for: Could be anyone depending on what you buy.

Korean snacks

While you are Korea, you will have a variety of delicious foodstuff god for souvenirs. Vacuum packed Kimichi is fun and has a long shelve life. Other than Kimichi, you could carry these Korean foodstuff home: dried squid, chocolates, brownies, etc.

  • Where to buy:  supermarkets, convenience stores, grocery stores
  • Price: between 1,000—15,000 won
  • Portability: Easy
  • Best gift for: Family members, Friends, Co-workerKorean snacks

Korean tea

Korean tea is a great souvenir. It is filled with tradition and comes in lots of flavors. The most consumed brand among the locals is Omija and Meshil tea. If you want something unique, visit a traditional tea house (chat jip) and learn about Korean tea culture. If you have a family that loves tea flavors, how about you buy a whole set and bring Korea aroma to your house?

  • Where to buy:  supermarkets, convenience stores, grocery stores
  • Price: US $12-42
  • Portability: Easy
  • Best gift for: Family members, friend who loves tea with different flavorskorean tea

K-drama and K-pop things

If you have a family or friends who love K-pop music and Korean drama, then take the opportunity and buy then these gifts: socks, notebooks, stationary things, calendars. Most of these items have a face of Korean starts on them. You could choose to buy DVDs and CDs subtitled in your language.

                                 Notepad – 2,000 won                    

                                Calendar – 8,000-15,000 won

  • Portability: Easy
  • Best gift for: Friends, family members

Dried Seaweed

Korean love seaweed. They take them in soups and sometimes in a dried form, as snacks. Did you know seaweed is rich in beneficial antioxidants which boost human health? In Korea you will have a range of seaweed snack to choose from; from onion and olive oil to wasabi and spicy chipotle.

  • Where to buy:  Jungbu Market, Eulijiro-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul
  • Price: 6000 – 15000 won
  • Portability: easy
  • Best gift for: Family members, friends, co-workers


Hanji is a traditional art of papermaking in Korea. These Korean papers are used to make lamps, umbrellas, clothes, fan, cards, calligraphy rolls, etc. For centuries, Hanji has been used in Korea to make windows, doors, and walls. Nowadays, Korea has a few traditional maters who knows how to produce hanji.

  • Where to buy:  Gyeongil Hanji Department store, Seoul.
  • Price: $3-3.6 per piece
  • Portability: easy
  • Best gift for: Kids, lover, friend, family membershanji


Cute socks in Korea are ubiquitous. These socks make the cheapest yet cutes item on the list. You will find the socks in different colors and designs. Some have animals, cartoon characters or Korean national flag.

  • Where to buy:  Myongdong Underground Shopping Centre, Insadong
  • Price: $1.2 per piece
  • Portability: easy
  • Best gift for: Kids, lover, friend korean socks

No matter what you bring back, I’m sure your friends and family will appreciate the thoughtfulness.










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