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I just signed up for localphone  I do a bunch of business in the US and lately have been needing a way for folks in the US to reach me in Hong Kong without calling overseas. Localphone’s service is great, it’ll set up a local phone number in the country of your choice and forward calls to my HK mobile for only 1.4 cents USD per minute.

There is a one-time $3.00 USD phone number set up charge and $0.99 per month maintenance fee, but I think that’s fairly small fee to have a US # and make it easy for everyone to call me.

In case you want phone numbers in other countries, localphone has incoming numbers you can set up all over the world, including England, Australia, Germany, France, Canada, etc. The cheapest is the UK at $0.99 set up since this is a UK based company.


After using it for a few days I find that it certainly works and there’s no lag in the connection. I’m very happy with this service so I wanted to share with you all. They also have other normal calling services such as using a calling card while traveling or using your computer or phone similar to Skype.

I do get a share a friend referral so if you decide to sign up the company will provide me 10% of any top ups you do within 90 days. I would appreciate if you do use this link. This referral bonus is available to all localphone users.


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