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ibVPN Service with Free Trials

Have you ever tried accessing a web site from your home country while overseas, and find that some content is restricted? A lot of videos from the US are restricted to US only IP addresses only, so many times I can’t access some home content from here in HK.

I finally decided to try a VPN to see if it works. I signed up for a trial of ibVPN service and it worked flawlessly. They offer 6 hours of free trial VPN and don’t require a credit card during sign-up.

As you can see I can access videos from which are usually restricted, as well as get the US Edition of the NY Times, versus the International edition I normally see from HK.


VPN Voice Video

Speed-wise, I was able to stream videos clearly. I also did a speed test online. It’s not nearly as fast as the normal speeds you’ll get in Hong Kong, but certainly sufficient for normal web surfing. This is from the Wilmington DE server. ibVPN has servers all over the world, so I’m sure you’ll see different speeds.

  • Servers located in: US, CA, UK, DE, NL, IE, FR, CH, LU, RO, RU, SE, HK, ES, IT

VPN speedtest

Overall I’d recommend this service if you’re looking for a VPN you can subscribe for $4.95 a month or $36.95 USD annual, pretty reasonable.

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