Huangyao – a perfect weekend getaway (via Guangzhou!) from Hong Kong…

A brief video intro to Huangyao! See below for more details, and how to organise a trip here!

Huangyao is a gorgeous little town less than two hours out of Guangzhou on the high-speed rail link to Guilin/Yangshuo.

It looks similar to some of the town around Guilin/Yangshuo – but has the added advantage of being very, VERY cute!

Unfortunately the Chinese domestic tour groups have discovered it also…but the town still retains its character to a large degree – and you can wander and lose yourself in some of the streets, if you want to escape the crowds…

We took the train from Hung Hom into Guangzhou East on Friday evening after work. If you can make the 18:43 train – and are in Guangzhou before 9pm. We hung out that night in Guangzhou, which was fun – and then caught an early morning train to Hezhou.

As the train pulls into Hezhou station, you can begin to see some of the beauty that awaits you in the beautiful province of Guangxi.

We got our hotel to pick us up from Hezhou station – and soon arrived in the cute little town of Huangyao.

We stayed in the the Mimi Inn – which was GREAT. It’s right on one of the main streets in Huangyao. Go for the non-street facing rooms, as one of our group found it a little difficult to sleep – the main street stays busy late into the night…

Huangyao has a history that goes back to the Song dynasty. The town today has an interesting mix of ancient, well-preserved buildings – including temples, pavilions and ancestral halls. However the shops, restaurants and bubble-tea cafes of modern China have begun to populate the streets of the ancient city these days. You can easily spend a few days here exploring the back streets, the river, the surrounding countryside. The modern day aspects of Chinese tourism may occasionally annoy you, but the instagrammable shots will make up for it!

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