Hidden Journeys Delhi to Hong Kong Flight Path

Hidden Journeys is a web site founded by Royal Geographical Society in the United Kingdom. Their most recent project involves incredible images exploring Hong Kong, Delhi, and all destinations in-between, such as Kunming, Bhutan, and Nepal. Not only does the site provide stunning images, it also provides informational excerpts about each photo and destinations which is pretty cool.

The site is really professional and if you’re an avid traveler or photographer, you’ll appreciate taking a look.

Hong Kong to Delhi Flight Path

1897 – Queen’s Road Central C RGS-IBG photo by R. C. Hurley

Hidden Journeys 網頁由英國的皇家地理協會創建。他們近期的項目涉及到探索香港、德里和它們之間的所有景點,例如昆明、不丹和尼泊爾。網頁有顯示這些目的地的美麗照片。網站即提供極佳的照片,又提供各個照片和景點的摘錄信息,這相當不錯。



1897 – Queen’s Road Central C RGS-IBG photo by R. C. Hurley

1897 – RGS-IBG的 R. C.赫尔利拍攝的皇后大道

From the highest mountains in the world to some of the world’s largest rivers, the flight path between Delhi and Hong Kong provides a glimpse into the sheer size and physical diversity of Asia.

However, people can be found at all extremes of the landscape, from the heavily populated fertile floodplains to the few climbers who have reached the summit of Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak.

This flight also connects two of Asia’s most influential cities while crossing some of the most productive regions in Asia, including China’s industrial manufacturing hubs, the agricultural zones of India and Nepal and the busy Brahmaputra River and Pearl River Basin.

Thimphu Bhutan




Thimphu Bhutan


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