Free Internet Access in Japan via prepaid SIM: 100 MB


Some interesting news. NTT Docomo is Japan is offering foreign visitors free internet access via prepaid SIM card. Unlimited for 15 days. Called “Japan Welcome SIM”

Bad news, only 100 MB high-speed is free. However, you can still get 15 days of 128kbps, which is enough for Whatsapp, Line, emails, web surfing, and google maps.

Basically it’s a marketing gimmick to get you to upgrade to a paid plan so you buy high-speed MBs. High-speed is 682 mbps download, 50 mbps upload.

The official site is cartoony and a little dizzying to read. (Previously the official site was in Japanese only, but looks like they’ve smartened up and decided to switch it to English.)

Here’s a summary

  • Unlimited 128kpbs data for 15 days
  • Free 100 MB high-speed data through Sep 30, 2017
  • Refer someone, get additional 100 MB high-speed
  • Get more high-speed MB by watching ads or answering surveys
  • Receive SMS, can’t send.
  • Can’t use for voice calls. (Try skype or similar service)

There isn’t much details on the qualifications. I would assume boarding pass for incoming flight and non-Japan passport.

SIM Card Pickup Locations

Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka available.

Exchange locationNarita Airport T1, JAL ABC
Business hours6:00 – the last flight on arrival
AccessTerminal 1 North&South Wing Arrival, ABC baggage counter
*Both N.wing and S.wing are acceptable.Map


Exchange locationNarita Airport T2, JAL ABC
Business hours6:00 – the last flight on arrival
AccessTerminal 2,Arrival, ABC mobile(cloak) counter



Exchange locationHaneda Airport, JAL ABC
Business hours24-hour
AccessInternational Terminal, JAL ABC arrival counter (2F)



Exchange locationKansai Airport, JAL ABC
Business hours6:15 – 22:30
AccessTerminal 1, Arrival, JAL ABC baggage counter



Exchange locationdocomoShopHakataBT(from Aug 2017)
Business hours10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
[Sat. / Sun. / Holidays]10 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Access*starting August 1st, 2017
2-1, Hakata Station Chuogai, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka Hakata Bus Terminal 4F 1minute walk from JR Hakata station (Hakata Entrance)
* Please confirm the access map etc. in advance.Map

Overall this seems like a great free option for basic internet access. If you need high-speed you can also buy more or you can get a sim card from HKSIMCard to have before you arrive in Japan.

Tip to Tony who gave us this info!


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