Finding Discounted Hotel Rates Using Club1 Hotels

Club1 Hotels is an excellent hotel booking site that often offers highly discounted hotel rates. These sometimes heavily discounted prices are found exclusively on hotel membership sites like Club1. Club1 Hotels is now offering complimentary 1-year membership for HKTravelBlog readers as well as a 200USD e-gift card giveaway. Simply register an account with Club1 Hotels through this link to enter the giveaway. The winner will be announced by the end of the month on Oct 31st 2018. You can also get another 10% off any hotel, car rental and cruise bookings using our code HKTB10 on check-out.

Editorial Notice: This post is sponsored by Club1 Hotels. HKTravelBlog may receive commision for the sponsored article. This does not impact how and where this article and products mentioned appear on our site and all reviews are solely the author’s personal opinion without endorsement from any affiliated parties.

What is Club1 Hotels?

Traditionally, you see hotel loyalty programs like the Marriott Rewards, World of Hyatt or Hilton Honors. They provide members with benefits that come with loyalty and elite statuses to one specific brand. It requires some level of commitment as you are more or less restricted to a single hotel brand. Hotels brands often claim that booking through their official site will provide you with the lowest price.

Then there are also OTAs like that offers its own loyalty programme where you get a fixed rebate after a certain number of bookings (10% in the case of, redeemable towards a complimentary night after 10 nights booked). Others are sites like RocketMiles where it offers airlines miles as an incentive for you to book through their site. These sites are legally obliged as per their agreement with the hotel chains that they do not display prices lower than what is shown on the hotels’ official site.

On the other side of the spectrum is membership-only booking sites. Membership-only booking sites like Club1 Hotels can offer much lower hotel rates compared to OTAs as they do not adhere to the similar agreements of OTAs. As a result, hotel rates on membership-only sites like Club1 Hotels often have heavily discounted rates on their sites. These rates are typically corporate rates that can be a substantial saving.

Club1 Hotels Special Offer for HKTravelBlog Readers

Club 1 Hotels is a hotel membership site which claims to offer 870,000 four and five-star hotels across 203 countries. It claims that prices on its site can have as much as 70% savings compared to published best rates. Currently, they are offering a complimentary 1-year membership to HKTravelBlog readers that would usually cost 129USD/1000HKD per year. Click this link to sign-up for this free offer. Club1 Hotels may not offer the best prices most of the time but they do offer a fairly generous Best Rate Guarantee policy (see below).

You do not need to enter any credit card information to join their membership. Club1 is also offering 10% off any bookings for readers of HKTravelBlog. If you are not ready to make any hotel bookings just yet, gift card purchases worth 1000USD or more will also enjoy 10%. Just enter our promo code HKTB10 at check-out.

We are also running a 200USD e-gift card giveaway to one of our lucky readers. This giftcard can be used on any purchase you make through Club1 Hotels. To enter the giveaway, simply sign up for a free account with Club1 Hotels to enter the lucky draw. The winner will be announced at end of this month (end of October 2018)

Booking using Club1 Hotels

To book using Club1 Hotels, first, you have to register for an account and then log in. No credit card is required when you sign up for the free account until you are confirming a bokking. You would be expecting to see the homepage designed just like a typical hotel booking site:

Simply key in your search criteria and you are on your way. Not only Club1 offer hotel bookings, but you may also book cruises, flights and other activities and services such as airport transfers and golf. Which can also be searched from the homepage above.

Club1 Hotels list all the prices they are able to offer for each hotel collectively. The prices on display are all the prices they are able to offer for a particular hotel. You can see the differences in conditions such as cancellation policies and discounts. Also whether other amenities such as breakfast is included in the rates. By clicking into the individual rate of your choice, you will be directed to the payment page, where you can see the fare construction in more details and also apply our coupon code HKTB10 for 10% discount on your bookings.

Apply our coupon code HKTB10 during checkout for 10% off your bookings

Again, you do not have to fill in any credit card information unless you are making a booking. You can search for hotel rates as long as you registered for an account. The cancellation policies on Club1 Hotels may be slightly different from what other booking channels offer. So it is always good to look closely for any terms that might be restrictive to your plans. I find the booking experience to be smooth overall.

Discounts You Can Find

I ran some quick dummy bookings at Club1 Hotels and I found some interesting results. My favourite hotel in Hong Kong is the Ovolo Southside, a Design Hotel that is located near Ocean Park. I ran a quick search for the first week of November on Club1 and simultaneously ran a search on These are the prices I got from each of the sites: rates 493USD for a 3-night stay in early November
Club1 Hotels price at 290 for same dates and room

My quick search on Ovolo Southside shows that in this particular booking, Club1 offers 3 night at 290USD while the Marriott official website offered 493USD (and Marriott rate reflects a 5% members discount). This represents about 40% saving if I were to book this itinerary as it is on Club1 over

However, you will not receive any elite benefits or credits if you book through Club1. In addition, this is just a singular example showing how Club1 Hotels can save you tons of money at times. Not all hotels on Club1 is cheaper than what you can find elsewhere, but where it is, savings can be substantial. If you did not find the hotel you want to be cheaper on Club1, you always have the option to use Club1’s Best Rate Guarantee.

Best Rate Guarantee on Club1 Hotels

The Best Rate Guarantee on Club1 Hotels is very straightforward. Club1 Hotels is willing to match any competing prices with the following discounts as long as you book 7 days out:

  • 10USD off the competing price per night in any 3-star properties
  • 20USD off the competing price per night in any 4-star properties
  • 30USD off the competing price per night in any 5-star properties

You do not need to have an existing reservation on Club1 Hotels to take advantage of their Best Rate Guarantee policy. Simply submit a claim by emailing [email protected] with the competing price you find and the price on Club1 Hotels. You will then receive a response by email and If your Best Rate Guarantee claim is valid, you will receive the new pricing reflecting the discount. Finally, you may confirm if you are willing to move ahead with the confirmation of the booking.

The Best Rate Guarantee policy of Club1 is extremely flexible and fairly generous in terms of discounts offered. I would not expect frequent utilization of this tool as most of the prices I found on Club1 are lower than other published fares online. In addition, rates on Club1 Hotels are not valid prices for other BRGs directly through hotel chains, as Club1 Hotels is membership-only and the rates are not public.


Club1 Hotels can represent substantial savings for your next hotel booking. The only drawback is that your elite status for hotel chains will likely not be recognized for your stays. You will also not earn any points for your stays on hotel loyalty programmes. Club1 Hotels does categorize as Travel purchase for the purpose of credit card spend, so there are still potential credit card points earning opportunities. If you are not loyal to a specific hotel chain and is looking for cheap hotel rates, Club1 Hotels is a great place to look for. Do sign up for a membership through our special offer, since the membership would otherwise cost you 129USD/1000HKD to sign up yourself.

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