Dakine Fall Line Double Ski Bag Review


Happy Chinese New Year! I’m going to start reviewing some travel related items going forward that I run into, as to help my readers make some informed decisions on their purchases.

I bought a new pair of skis recently and needed some luggage to put them in while I travel. After looking online, I felt like the Dakine Fall Line Double ski bag would be the best fit for my needs. Here’s a review on my toughts after using it.

The Dakine bag is certainly sturdy and padded enough for airline travel. After two flights the bag is still in new shape and I haven’t seen any tears or damage. I bought the blue plaid design since I wanted the bag to stand out at the airport and it certainly stands out without being obnoxious. The bag comes in two lengths, 190cm and 174cm, I bought the 174cm and fits my 160cm skis fine.

The bag is a bit heavy but that’s due to all of the padding and wheels on the bottom. The wheels are very handy for dragging the bag around the airport, just note that it’s a long bag so you’ll probably hit a few people along the way. I do wish there were more straps/handles on the outside so I could hold the bag more upright while transversing the airport.

There are two exterior pockets, each which will fit one ski boot. Instead, I place the ski boots inside the bag since I’m afraid the nylon will tear if I place the heavy ski boots in those pockets, but they’re good for gloves and hats.

Inside the bag is large and will fit your skis, poles, and then some. I just wish there was a strap to hold down the skis against the bottom of the bag. Without this strap the skis will tend to shift unless you fill the bag with other things to prevent it from moving around.

Overall I like the bag, it’s sturdy and built well. I only wish there were more exterior and interior straps / handles for easier carrying and tying down things. I give this a 4 out of 5 stars.



    • Hi Christine, I bought mine on ebags. There’s a link on the left sidebar. Where it says luggage up to 75% off. Not sure where you’re located, but they primarily shop to US or Canada only.

      There’s also a few snowboard and ski shops that sell similar bags in Hong Kong’s causeway bay.

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