Curbside App Review: $10 off $20

Curbside is a new app for iPhone and Android that allows users to purchase items from various stores in their vicinity and pick them up within an hour directly “curbside,” outside of the store. Basically, you don’t need to park, get out of the car, go into the store, wait for checkout, etc. It’s a time saver and there’s NO service fees or extra charges to the app users. I believe it’s only currently available in San Francisco Bay, New York City, and Los Angeles. I also found some of the prices to be better than in the actual Target store for some items.

curbside bestbuy

After seeing it at Target and BestBuy in the San Francisco Bay Area, I decided to try it. They were offering $10 off a $20 purchase or 50% off, so the savvy shopper in me couldn’t resist. If you want to help me out, please use my referral code FMYQG so that you can get the same offer, and I’ll get a $10 referral upon your first purchase.

The app is pretty easy to use, you just download it to your phone and load it up and start shopping. You can purchase almost anything they sell at the stores. For example, at Target you can pick up shampoo, toilet paper, food, clothes, furniture, baby items, anything. I don’t see it being as useful at BestBuy since there aren’t as many items and people usually like to go in there and tinker with the products they’re buying. The only drawback I see is that you really need to know what you’re searching for on the app. It’s hard to browse and shop via your smartphone.

In the app, select the store and item you want and add to cart. Make sure you select the same store for pick-up. In my case, once I got to $20 before taxes I added in the promo code from the menu, and then went to checkout where it confirmed the $10 off. Added my credit card and clicked buy. The Curbside app said it would notify me when the order was ready to pickup, in less than 1 hour. I received a text in about 45 minutes and drove to the store to pick up my items. Easy.

The color scheme for Curbside is this bright teal blue. You’ll see a tent (in suburbs) or podium (in city) and some guy(s) standing outside the main entrance of the store usually. The need to confirm your name by ID and they’ll give you a blue Curbside bag with your stuff. Then you drive off, pretty simple.

curbside blue bag

Blue bag from Curbside. You don’t have to pay 10 cents for this bag in SF.


I think this is really good for suburban locations where you only need a few items and can save time by not having to park, go find the stuff, wait for checkout, etc. In the city I see it being less successful since more people walk, but still good for those who have cars.

If you’re in SF, NYC, or LA, try the app. Worst case if you don’t like it, you can get $10 of free stuff, just make sure you use the promo code.

Share promo code FMYQG with friends. They get a $10 credit (on any purchase over $20) with Curbside. Once friends shop, you receive the same $10 credit.

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