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There are many times when you may not want to spend a whole lot of money looking for hotels, perhaps due to budget or the lack of any time spent in the room. Hostels are a good alternative, especially for stays in cities which the standards are high such as Tokyo or Singapore. Hostelworld is a good site to use to search for hostels worldwide. One thing nice about Hostelworld is that you can customize the language and currency (even if searching outside your home country.)

You can literally find hostels from any country that exists; I saw some on the list I haven’t even heard of. Just keep in mind that the prices on the search result page are usually the cheapest type room. Once you click “book now” it’ll bring you to the next page with a list of all of the room types, usually you’ll find more desirable ones there at higher prices. Also, many times the prices quoted are for one person so double-check the total price.

Lastly, unlike for hotels, you’ll need to leave a 10% deposit for Hostelworld, which is non refundable. So just make sure your plans are certain before committing.

A search in Hong Kong for beds this week showed even private rooms in Causeway Bay for $199 HKD per night, which is a steal compared with a hotel. If you’re willing to share a dorm room, rates usually go down a lot from there.

I just came back from Singapore and there’s no way I was going to pay those exhobitant hotel prices, so Hostelworld would’ve been my second choice to look, but luckily I found a friend’s place to stay out so it worked out well. But if I did have to stay in a hostel, the standards are very high, so usually you can find something fairly clean and safe there, same goes for Tokyo or anywhere in Japan. I’d be a little more weary if it were in a seedy city/country.


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