Architecture Exhibition at Hong Kong Airport

If you have some spare time at Hong Kong airport in the next few weeks there is an interesting exhibition on local architecture taking place in terminal two. It is in the public area of the airport so is easy to visit even if you are not flying. If you are in terminal one, terminal two is just several minutes’ walk away without stepping outside. The exhibition is free of charge.

airport exhibition 2

The exhibition has been organised in conjunction with the Hong Kong Architecture Centre. It is rather narrowly entitled “10 Most Liked HK Architecture Exhibition”. In fact the exhibition shows information about one hundred pieces of architecture in Hong Kong – some historical details, a picture and description (as shown below). This is a lot of information and is a convenient way to learn more about different parts of the territory. Some of the places are well known but others are more obscure. For that reason, the exhibition could also be an interesting place to stop and browse if you want some inspiration on where to visit in a stay in Hong Kong.

More details are available on the airport website. The exhibition will run until 22 May 2016.

airport exhibition1

Guest Blogger: Christopher R.

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