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Airport Express Tips

Update December 4, 2014: You can get a discount ticket from Klook at 72 HKD one way, or 128 HKD roundtrip, super cheap!

Quick list of tips to help you get to/from Hong Kong International Airport via the Airport Express train.

Airport to City

  • You don’t need to buy a ticket before getting on the train

Everyone waits in a queue at this round circular desk to buy a ticket, but you can walk straight onto the train. When you arrive at your destination station, just buy a ticket from the desk there. Usually the line non-existent at your destination since everyone buys tickets at the airport. By the way, there are also a few vending machines.

  • Check the clock for the next departing train

Related to the above tip, you can often catch the next train if you go straight to the platform. There’s actually a clock telling you how many minutes until the next train departs, so you know if you have a few minutes to go to 7-11 to buy a drink or actually get a ticket at the airport. Currently the trains run every ten minutes.

airport express

City to Airport

  • Check into your flight at the airport instead

If there’s a long line at the Airport Express station, and assuming you aren’t carrying much luggage with you, just go straight to the airport to check-in.  You can catch an earlier this train this way, and the airport usually has a short queue.

  • Drop off luggage early and spend time in the city

This one is probably well known; you can check-in for most flights 24 hours ahead of time and have your luggage sent to the airport way before you get there. This way you can just keep a carry-on bag and keep touring the city. Why waste time sitting around the airport if you’ve got some time to kill.


There’s lots of competition on transportation to and from the airport. MTR often offers discounts to make the Airport Express ride more appealing. Here’s a few ongoing ones. You can also buy the tickets on Cathay’s flights.

Group TravelGroup of 2Group of 3Group of 4
Hong Kong – Airport$160
$80 per person
$70 per person
$62.5 per person
Kowloon – Airport$140
$70 per person
$63.4 per person
$55 per person
Tsing Yi – Airport$90
$45 per person
$41.7 per person
$37.5 per person

Until 30 June 2015, passengers using a taxi to get to Kowloon Station or Tsing Yi Station can enjoy a 50% reduction on the Airport Express fare to the airport. Simply present your taxi receipt for HK$60 or more on the date of issue together with your Octopus to enjoy the offer.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Taxi fare must be HK$60 or above on one receipt on the date of issue. Photocopies are NOT accepted.
  2. A maximum of 5 people can enjoy the 50% off Airport Express on every taxi receipt. The offer is only applicable for taking the Airport Express with Octopus from Kowloon Station or Tsing Yi Station to the airport.
  3. Passenger must present the original taxi receipt on the date of issue and Octopus at the Airport Express Customer Service Centre before entering the gate. The offer must be used immediately after redemption.
  4. For passengers using the Free In-town Check-in service at Kowloon Station, the offer should be redeemed at the Customer Service Centre beforehand.
  • Cathay Pacific duty free
    • If you’re flying CX you can buy a slightly discounted ticket on the airplane before you land in HKG.



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  • You can also buy discounted Round Trip vouchers from various travel agents around town.

    In the past few years I’ve been buying Round Trip HK-Airport vouchers at Travel Expert or CTS for 145 HKD.
    Other travel agents may offer different prices (140~150 HKD), I haven’t really compared.

    You buy the voucher at travel agent, then exchange it at the counter for a ticket.


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