$68 Smartone Unlimited Data Update


Update November 2014: Plan is now $78. See details here.

One of the blog’s most popular posts has been about the $68 mobile phone plans with unlimited data. I want to provide an update to last year’s post as there have been some changes. Also, I’m currently subscribed to the Smartone $68 plan so I can speak from experience about the service quality.

The main update is that Smartone now requires a 6 month contract to be signed, as opposed to no contract last year. This restriction was recently introduced around the beginning of 2013. Other features appear the same as before.

Smartone Unlimited Data

After using this $68 plan for about a month I can say that it’s fantastic! Total price is $80 per month after adding $12 MTR fee. My previous carrier was 3 so I can only compare with them.

  • Internet download speed: Slower vs regular 3HK 3G service, but web sites and Facebook still load quickly and can’t notice much difference. Downloading large files (over 1MB) will take longer and noticeably slower.
  • Website response times: Faster vs 3HK, web surfing is very quick and snappy.
  • Video/Streaming: Video will be choppy or delayed if it’s HD. Regular resolution should be OK.
  • Service coverage: Smartone is much better than 3HK. I stream music on my phone while taking public transport and walking around, it cuts out rarely on Smartone. 3HK was terrible and would also be unable to reach the network, especially on the MTR.

China Mobile also has a $68 plan but I heard service is not as good as Smartone and they require a 12 month contract.

Smartone $68 unlimited data plan details

Monthly Fee$68
Voice minsBasic1700
Local DataUnlimited*
*Data only covers local mobile phone usage, excluding tethering and peer-to-peer applications.
Maximum download speed is 384kbps.
Services IncludedIntra SMS, voicemail, call forwarding, call number display, call waiting and conference call


Customers are required monthly settlement by credit card autopay and 6-month contract.
X-Power and HD Wide are not available on this plan. Please visit our store for details.
Above monthly plans are not available for 2G handset and BlackBerry handset.
Customers are required to pay an admin fee of $12/month.
Additional voice minutes charge $0.9/min.
Call duration is rounded up to full charge units for computation purposes. Each full charge unit is based on a per minute airtime charge.
Free intra SMS is available when using a handset to send local SMS to SmarTone customers.
Roaming charge & standard roaming data charge apply when roaming. Please ask our store assistants or visit our website for details.
The minimum data roaming charging unit is 1KB. Usage under 1KB will be rounded up to the nearest 1KB.
All customers can enjoy a deposit waiver on International Roaming Services.
This offer cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional offers.
Customers will be notified by e-bill about charging details.
Listed prices are subject to change without prior notice.
All service content is subject to relevant terms and conditions.


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  3. Is this plan still available? I’m moving to HK for 10 months and this looks great. Also, any idea how it would work beyond the 6 months? Would I have to renew for another 6 months?

  4. The plan is alright but remember to expect very slow data download especially youtube (error screen all the time reload) for everyday travelling and also tethering is not allowed.

    • Yes, I wouldn’t use this plan for video or heavy downloading. It specifically says the speed is limited. But I find it still streams video as long as I’m not moving in a car. Didn’t receive any you tube errors, just might be choppy.

      You can try to use foxfi or another tethering app to get around them blocking tethering. I use my phone as a hotspot for my iPad on this plan that way.

  5. Hi, when you say you stream music on the go, do you mean you use apps like tunein radio or 8tracks to play music? and the $68 plan gives you a smooth experience

    • Hey Wai Zee, that’s correct, I use TuneIn to stream my music and don’t have issues on the $68 plan. I actually had more breaks in the streaming when using 3’s regular 3G service, which has faster speeds but worse access times.

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