40 EUR or $56 USD free for Hotel Tonight Signup


Hotel Tonight offers last-minute hotel deals at up to 70% off on hotel stays starting tonight, e.g. same-day. So this it good for very very last minute bookings.

Hotel Tonight is offering a $56 US credit (40 Euros) for Free when you sign up for a new account and enter promo code ITALIA. Select Italy as your country on the form.

Update March 31 2014, try using PANORAMA as the code instead now.

If you find a room at an inexpensive city, this could even be a free night’s stay or very inexpensive stay. Note that this site is primarily focused on North America and Europe, so almost all of the hotels are based there, except for a sprinkling of Central and South America as well. No Asian countries on the list yet.

After downloading the free app (iOS or Android), sign into your account to see the credit (which expires in one year) and change to U.S. currency in the Account menu. No idea how long this will last.

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