$100 Uber Credit for FREE

New users can sign-up for Uber with referral code theresat1688ue and get $100 HKD offer their first Uber ride in HK, or if you’re in another country:

  • Hong Kong, $100 HKD
  • United States, $15 USD
  • Singapore, $10 SGD
  • United Kingdom, 10£
  • Canada, $20 CAD
  • Australia, $30 AUD
  • China, ¥30
  • Japan, ¥2,000
  • Other countries (The amount shows up after you click the link.)

I also get a referral credit after your first ride, much appreciated if you use the referral code! You can think about opening a new account in each country when you travel to take maximum advantage of this free Uber credit. (Probably need different e-mail & phone number.)

The Uber promotion credit is location based using your IP address. If you use VPN, you can change your computer location. e.g. I am going to the US so I signed up for the $30 USD promotion to use when I arrive. Will be great to get a free ride from the airport! I use EarthVPN which I wrote about in the past.

Most people have heard of Uber by now, but if not, it’s a ride-sharing app when you can “call” private vehicles to pick you up at your location via your smartphone. I’ve heard pretty good feedback both in HK and the US, so if you haven’t yet tried it, you may want to sign up. I mean, it’s free money. If you don’t like it, don’t use it again.

The app uses GPS to pinpoint your location, and you can see and request nearby vehicles to pick you up and drop you off wherever, like a taxi.

uber hong kong

In Hong Kong I’ve tried it after a late night of karaoke. It was pouring rain and unable to find a taxi so we used Uber and got a minivan. It fit all 6 of us and made multiple stops throughout HK island to get my friends home. It worked beautifully! Not to mention if we took a taxi we would never be able to fit in one car.

$100 HKD will get you a couple of trips if you aren’t going far, $50 minimum though, so don’t take really short trips with Uber, better to just find a regular taxi for anything under $50.

Curious to hear your experience with Uber, leave your comments below.

Uber Fees in Hong Kong:





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  1. KY Chiu says:

    Hello! I tried to sign up as new user but failed. It always marked ” the expiration date is required” , but I have marked it already. Please clarify and confirm as I would like to use the coupon for making reservation by today (24/12 HK time). Thanks for your clarification and confirmation. From HK. Best regards, Chiu

  1. February 11, 2015

    […] wrote about Uber last week as they’re giving a free credit upon signup. Please use my referral code […]

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