Pasadena California Free Overnight Parking

As I stayed at the Westin Hotel Pasadena, I also needed to park my car. However, they charge a lot for parking, so I decided to search around if I can find street parking for free.

Pasadena and surrounding cities have weird parking rules where you can’t park between 2am and 6am on the streets. I think the main reason is so they can ticket people and get revenue, it’s terrible.

Here’s a map of Pasadena I found of all of the streets without overnight parking restrictions. Any street with a red line on the map should allow you to park overnight.

Pasadena unrestricted overnight parking map.

Double check the street for this little white sign, it’s fairly small. Just in case the map has changed.


If you happen to be staying at the Sheraton or Hilton in Pasadena, right down the block there is free overnight parking as well. It will save you about $20/nt. Certainly worth the time and effort looking for a free space in my mind.

Keep in mind the street may have restrictions during the day, 2 such as two-hour parking only between 9am and 6pm. So that means you’ll need to move your car before 11am.

If you can’t find an exempt space, you can purchase a overnight parking permit. It’s still cheaper than parking at a hotel or lot, only $3. It’s called a temporary overnight parking permit. You can purchase the permit online and print it out yourself, the best way, rather than going to find a kiosk.


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  • In HK, just park anywhere you find on the street without double white or yellow line. you are mostly free of charge until 8am, then, you need to park it in metered parking. HK doesn’t charge you for longer than 2 hr if you stay in the same spot. so, just charge up every 2 hrs.

  • These temporary permits are for residents only. If you want to have parking provided for your hotel or motel says you need to use a place that provides such a service. It is common around the world for hotels to charge for parking. Pasadena is a residential city that hosts many non- resident visitors. We have a right to reasonable parking restrictions. Big events, like the Rose Bowl and Parade bring in many cars that park in the city. Those of us who live here sometimes find all available parking used by visitors. Residents may not park in the street overnight either except on exempted days. The city does provide some relief for the Rose Bowl and parade. I live at least a mile from the parade but on January 1 the streets in front of my house are completely filled with visitor parking. Does Hong Kong have free overnight parking for hotel guests on public streets?

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