CX Airport Express check-in for USA no longer allowed

There has been speculation that the Trump travel restrictions will be placed upon flights to/from Asia. It appears that speculation has turned into reality starting today and flight to the United States from Asia will now be subject to extra checks and security measures.

What this entails is anyones guess, but if you go through them, would appreciate sharing your comments as I’m not planning on flying to the US until the wintertime.

Most importantly however, is that in-town check-in at Kowloon and Hong Kong stations will no longer be allowed on Cathay Pacific for US bound passengers. Other airlines at the moment are still allowing in-town check-in. This is notable since many people like to drop off their bags early at Airport Express and spend the rest of the day in the city before their long flight.

I assume Cathay Pacific is being extra cautious on this front, since bags are screened behind the scenes and stopping in-town check in doesn’t prevent anything from getting onto a US bound plane.

According to CNBC, this applies all over Asia, not only Hong Kong. So if you’re headed to the US from anywhere in Asia, this may apply.

Personally I wouldn’t arrive any early than I normally would, nor would I suggest you to, despite all of the news articles saying to arrive hours and hours earlier. Previously security would check you bag for liquids. I will assume there might be some questioning, especially if you “look” suspicious, however that is determined. Also be open to anything body x-ray and certainly another bag check.

If you’re not bringing anything that isn’t allowed on the plane, and have valid entry documents, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Welcome to America.

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