Walking Between Dublin Airport and Dublin

On a recent trip to Ireland I had some spare time after arrival and so wondered about walking from the airport to the city centre. As the airport is only six miles or so from the city centre, this seemed fairly easy for a fit walker.

The walk turned out to be easy. It is flat, it is paved all the way and the route is very straightforward. I used a map, but basically the directions given to me by the information counter lady at the airport were spot on: walk away from the airport (to your right as you exit) and after a few minutes you will see some large fuel tanks (pictured below). After those, turn right and you are on the Swords Road. From there, it is more or less a straight walk into town though the street name changes once or twice.

Turn right after this fuel tank to head into the city centre.

It took me one and three quarter hours from terminal to Busaris bus terminal in the city centre. I had a couple of light bags but no suitcase, though given the flat pavement the route would be doable though harder work with a suitcase.

The first half of the walk offered few great views, although it did go past the airport with planes taking off and landing. But the second half, as one got into the city heart, was enjoyable: there was a variety of streetscapes to see, and cafes and pubs at which one could take a breather and enjoy the craic if so disposed.

I was fortunate with the weather but that is never a given in Ireland, although as the bus route follows the same road it would be simple enough to hop on a bus or a taxi if the heavens opened.

This walk may not be for most people, but if you are wondering whether it can be done, the answer is yes, and fairly easily.

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