Sydney Eye Skywalk and Observation Deck Review


SKYWALK at the Sydney Tower Eye was a super high outdoor walk around the famous Sydney Tower. Actually, it’s more than that. Before going to the observation deck, there’s also a cool 4D movie, with wind, light, water, and more. The movie itself is about 5 minutes long and a good overview of Sydney if you’ve just arrived.

Sydney Tower is located at the Westfield Mall in the CBD district. Entrance is on Level 5 near the food court, it might take a little bit of searching to find. After the movie you go through a metal detector and really small triangle shaped elevator to the observation level.

Sydney Eye Observation Deck

Few telescopes around that you can use

Now, you don’t have to do the Skywalk, you can just go to the observation deck, which has an amazing view of Sydney on a clear day. Take a look at the pictures I took.

Sydney Eye Observation Deck

View towards Darling Harbour

Sydney Eye Observation Deck

View towards Hyde Park

Sydney Eye Observation Deck

View towards Circular Quay

Skywalk is an add-on where you can walk around 360 degrees, the outside of the tower. It includes walking on two glass platforms, which aren’t really for the faint of heart. I’m assuming if you’re afraid of heights you wouldn’t be doing the Skywalk anyway, lol.

Sydney Eye Observation Deck

Skywalk set-up area where you will don your blue suits and lock up your belongings

After putting on some blue suits, and the harnesses, the guide will take you out and you’ll be able to enjoy the breath-taking views. It was super windy on the day I went so my hair is a bit of a mess.

The glass panels were a bit scary when the guide told people to jump up and down on them. She assured us and elephant could stand there and it’s perfectly safe, I was still a bit skeptical. The platform did shake a bit so to me that was a bit scary. There was also a second glass panel which actually hydraulically moves further away from the tower once you stand on it. The was even scarier than the first, but cool. I just don’t like it when the ground moves from under me in general.

Finishing the walk is pretty straightforward and much quicker than suiting up. You’ll climb back into the building, take off the harness, retrieve items from your locker and go back into civilian clothes, haha. You can purchase some photos, like the one below, which include group and individual photos. However, the photos I received on the photo CD were of another couple. You might want check the CD contents before you purchase it just in case the same happens to you. A few weeks later, and I’m still trying to get the photos of my friend and I, the photo people seem a little unresponsive. Tsk tsk.

Sydney Skywalk Outdoor

Why am I the only one looking at the camera?

Overall the Skywalk felt very safe and it was a cool and unique way to view Sydney from up above. It’s certainly the highest point in Sydney, being about twice the height of the Harbour Bridge, a fun fact I learned. If you wanna do something unique and seems scary, but in reality isn’t very scary (unless you’re jumping up and down on the glass,) the Skywalk is a good choice for you.


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