Hong Kong Pub Crawl Discount and 2018 Special Event

Recently, I wrote about my experience with Hong Kong Pub Crawl. You can find my experience here. The experience is good and I recommended it. Participants in the crawl can enjoy discounts for select drinks at participating bars/pubs. It is also a great place to socialize with a variety of booze lovers from around the world. The good news is, Hong Kong Pub Crawl is sponsoring a discount for HKTravelBlog readers. Readers using the code “HKTB20” will receive a 20% discount on their purchases.

Editorial disclosure: This post is sponsored by Hong Kong Pub Crawl. HKTravelBlog may receive commision for the sponsored article. This does not impact how and where this article and products mentioned appear on our site and all reviews are solely the author’s personal opinion without endorsement from any affiliated parties.

How the discount works

The catch is that the discount is only applicable to your second purchase on Hong Kong Pub Crawl. However, to register for the discount on your second purchase onwards, you have to use the code “HKTB20” for your first purchase. After your first purchase, a separate custom discount code reflecting the 20% off will be sent to your registered email address. You can then use the 20% discount for your subsequent purchases.

If you have any additional question regarding the promo code, feel free to leave a comment below. You have to make your purchase through the official site of Hong Kong Pub Crawl to participate.

My previous experience with Hong Kong Pub Crawl has been good

Hong Kong Pub Crawl 2018 Anniversary Event

Hong Koong Pub Crawl has been running events since 2010, and soon it will be its 8th anniversary. To celebrate, there will be a special 8th Birthday Crawl on the 30th of September 2018. The event will take place on the eve of China’s national day. So although it is a Sunday, there are no worries about working the next day.

The price to attend is the same as a regular crawl at 100HKD/person. As the norm, you will receive welcome shots at each bar/pub locations and have access to a selection of discounted drinks. There will be 20HKD beers on offer and 30HKD for select cocktails. There will also be a special celebration that covers the following:

  1. Free flow beer during pre-crawl “Hostel Happy Hour”, starting 7:30pm.
  2. Two giveaways sponsored by BlackDoors. BlackDoors is a home sharing platform specializing in luxury and service apartments (think of it as a luxury Airbnb). There is a Facebook Giveaway for a one night stay for the day of the event. As well as a lucky draw during the event for two 500HKD BlackDoors vouchers.
  3. Free birthday goodies to celebrate Hong Kong Pub Crawl’s 8th anniversary. There will be cakes, special drinking games and other theme related accessories that are different from usual the weekly events.

There pre-crawl “Hostel Happy Hour” is available at several different locations. You may choose to attend the location that is at your convenience. The crawl will be the same no matter where you attend your pre-crawl activities. I was unable to provide a review for the pre-crawl event, but I heard from past participants that it was a good experience for them.


It is great that Hong Kong Pub Crawl is offering these discounts for readers of HKTravelBlog that otherwise are not available on the internet. If you are planning to attend one of their crawls, feel free to use this promo code. If you are keen for another round someday, it will provide you with a reasonable discount.

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