VIP Lounge, Chongqing Airport CKG

This is the contract lounge for Dragonair in the international terminal (terminal one) of Chongqing airport.

The lounge is located immediately past the security check area. It is basically one large room, with views out onto the tarmac and planes. As this terminal is small, it is also close to the gates.

The lounge follows the typical design of many local Chinese lounges – large chairs clustered in the centre of the room, somewhat dated design and so forth. However, it is one of the best local lounges I have been in in mainland China.

cgk lounge seating2

First, the amenities are decent. As well as the chairs, there are two massage chairs, a computer workstation, and an international press stand that when I visited included a smattering of European language magazines.

cgk lounge seating

Secondly, the design is more practical than normal. As well as the large lounging chairs in the centre of the lounge, at one side there is a row of wooden tables and chairs which are ideal for eating, but also as a substitute deskspace, which many Chinese lounges lack altogether.

cgk lounge table

Last, but not least, the food and drink selection is decent. They have three different meal sittings across the day and the food really did add up to a proper meal, it wasn’t just snacks. The food included spicy local Szichuanese dishes. There is a good range of Chinese teas, an instant coffee machine, some packaged snacks, a good range of local beers and soft drinks, and also a couple of European wines – one Bordeaux and one simply “European”. I tried the Bordeaux and it was drinkable. The overall presentation is good, with the wines decanted into cut glass decanters, for example.

cgk lounge food cgk lounge food 2

The lounge offers wifi but when I visited I could not get it to work.

cgk lounge drinks cgk lounge beer

Overall this lounge was a pleasant surprise – a step up from the usual mainland lounge quality and ambience.

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