Spring Airlines, to Shanghai on a budget


Many people don’t know about the discount airline running between Shanghai and Hong Kong these days.


Spring Airlines has tickets as low as $15.70 USD + taxes each way. Taxes are $52.80 departing from HK and $47.20 from Shanghai.



They also fly to Shijiazhuang a few times a week from HKG, and the cheapest I’ve seen is $100USD inclusive of tax. But honestly speaking I have never heard of this place and don’t know why someone would go there. Maybe someone can enlighten me? Apparently it’s the capital of Hebei province.


Now, this is a discount airline, so the leg room will be REALLY tight. They allow 15 kg of luggage and you can buy the rest.


My friend Chester recently flew them and believes Spring Airlines might be more delayed than the other airlines, but honestly speaking…any flight out of PVG is usually delayed. Just don’t schedule an important meeting right after arrival.



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