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This is a followup to my previous post about flying out of Shenzhen and taking a bus to the airport. I used to fly out of SZX regularly to go to places in China; Chongqing, Kunming, Guilin, Xi’an, etc. The flights to these places from Hong Kong were either limited or too expensive.

There are direct buses from Hong Kong to Shenzhen Airport operated by the Chinalink bus company. I like this bus because it’s run smoothly and on-time. They also go through the convenient Shenzhen Bay port, where you just walk across the border, as opposed to Huang Guang, where you need to get on and off the bus twice at the border.


(use google translate if you can’t read chinese, the site is pretty self explanatory)

Buses leave as early as 6am from Kowloon Station near the Broadway and Fortress electronic stores (make a right at the top of the escalator if you come from the MTR.)

I’ve yet to take the bus from Wan Chai but according to the web site it picks up at Fenwick St & Lockhart Rd.

There’s a cross border coach station at the mall and you can buy tickets there, I never had a sold out situation. The bus trip takes about 1.5 hours  to reach the airport. I would probably leave about 3-3.5 hours before the time of your flight to board the bus.

Tickets cost $110 from Kowloon Station, $120 from Wan Chai.

Of course there are other ways to reach SZ airport, such as going to Lo Wu and taking a bus or taxi (~150RMB) from there, but this is the easiest way I know.



  1. On Sept. 14-th we took a Chinalink bus from Shenzhen to prince Edward in Hong Kong, the 10.00 pm bus departing Shenzhen. The service provided was much less than satisfactory. The ground staff in shenzhen was de facto ignorant and provided little by way of help or explanation.

    But the big clinker was the bus driver phenomenally rude and off-putting. More important, he was dangerous and can cause an accident. By this, I do not mean a bad driver. Rather a driver who makes no effort whatsoever to make sure that doors are closed when passengers are not in the way and this includes the luggage door. THIS DRIVER SHOULD BE FIRED IMMEDIATELY, or else he will land the company in a massive liability lawsuit.

    We do not intend to patronise this company and would take a private taxi or the MTR.

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  4. wanderlustyleopard on

    Any idea how this works for non-Chinese passport/permit holders? Guess a visa is needed even though you are heading straight to the airport? So unless you are flying to a loction within China or just happen to have a valid visa its a no go 🙁

    • HKTravelBlog on

      You need a visa to enter China at the border, so if you are going to a destination in China, it’s the same. You won’t have to go through immigration at the airport as you’ll stay on the domestic side.

      However, if you are going to Shenzhen airport, and then flying to another country, you will still need a Chinese visa to get into China to fly out of it. So in these cases, I wouldn’t fly out of Shenzhen unless you already have a visa.

      There are a few airports, particular Beijing and Shanghai that you can fly though without a visa, they will stamp a transit visa upon arrival. I’ll make a post on this in the future.

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