Ridiculous mainland China flying stories

Can someone enlighten me, maybe someone from China, why this behavior happens? It’s so outrageous. Why would you want to get kicked off a flight because you don’t like your seat, don’t want to close the bathroom door, or are unable to control your child?


Lately there’s been a bunch of stories relating to these types of episodes and it’s only getting worse it seems. Or maybe they’re just being reported more for comedy’s sake.

I do feel bad for the fellow passengers though, who have to endure these ridiculous passengers and delays, on top of the normal China airspace delays. (Note to self, don’t fly to China.)

What happens to these people after they get kicked off? Are they allowed on the next flight? Is there some “no-fly” list? Or do they become sane again before their next flight?

Shanghaiist seems to have some good coverage for your entertainment:


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