Review: Xiamen Airport VIP Lounge


This lounge is the one used by Cathay Dragon and a slew of other airlines. It is situated at gate 17, one level up.

The lounge is spacious and has good views out onto the tarmac. That also makes it feel quite light. There is a large open area with a range of seating types including a long table which could suit a big group. There are also some recliners, which could make for a comfortable place to lie down if you have a stopover of a few hours.

There are also some private rooms, and a spacious smoking room.

There is a relaxation area with a few massage chairs, and a business area with six computers, both Macs and PCs.

The design of the lounge is breezy and modern, in contrast to many Chinese airport lounges. The comestible offering lets the lounge down a bit. The drink selection is a bit weak – low end wine and no beer or spirits on my visit.

Warm food is available at set times (6.15 – 7.30 for breakfast, 11.15 – 1.30 for lunch and 5.30 – 7.30 for dinner) while a noodle bar can make noodles on request between 10.30 a.m. and 8 p.m. There is a simple range of snacks available during the day, though the packaged ones do not seem very healthy.


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