Fortuna Hotel Dim Sum


Dim sum at the Fortuna Hotel in Foshan 佛山市財神酒店

Not too many of you will ever go around Foshan, Guangdong, China. In case you do though, be sure to stop by the Fortuna Hotel. It’s a five-star property and I had the pleasure of eating dim sum there one weekend morning.

The restaurant is called Abalone Ah-yat

Didn’t eat any abalone but had some really good quality dim sum in a nice atmosphere restaurant. Ordered your usual things, cha siu cheung fun, juk, pai gwat, cha siu bau, XO sauce rice noodles, etc. I was impressed with the freshness and taste of all of the dishes. Service was good for China too.

By the way, the toilets are western style and clean here. There’s also a TV showing you a closed caption video of the kitchen, I assume to prove that it’s clean and that there’s no shady expired beef mixing going on.

Check out this cool wall with Chinese wine jugs too, it’s really nice and modern and old school at the same time.

fortuna hotel foshan


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