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Denied China Visa, Twice!

This story is funny so I want to share it with you. I tried applying for a China visa in Hong Kong at the “consulate”  for my US passport twice in the last two months and was denied, TWICE.  (It’s not really a consulate, it’s a commissioner’s office in HK, but basically the same.)


On the plus side Beijing may allow visa free visits soon, and you can get into China on a visa-free transit.


Keep in mind I had multi-entry one-year Chinese visas for the last 5 years (except last year) and have ample red communist stamps showing my entries.


First try in April, they wouldn’t give me a 1-year visa because they said my HK visa expires in less than a year, so I could only get it after I renew my HK visa for another year. She’d only give me a 6 month visa, but there’s no point in that since they charge the same price for US Citizens as a single entry or 1-year multi. Suffice it to say I was pretty pissed off.


Ok fine, after that I went back in May after I renewed my HK visa for another year. Now the lovely China agent said I couldn’t apply because one of my old china visas from 2009 peeled off due to the crappy Chinese glue they use. Even now my 2010 visa, is peeling off too. She wouldn’t give me a visa unless I get a brand new passport, which is not going to happen.


Normally I’d be mad, but this time I was amused about the whole situation and figured I won’t go to China and save my money. I plan to get a visa back in NY when I return, they’re pretty lax back in Amercia and give you 90 days entry (vs. 30 days in HK) and don’t require any HKID or things like that.


The Chinese consulate window agents in HK are such miserable people who will look for any reason to deny you. Just make sure you don’t have any of these issues if you apply, I don’t want you wasting time like I did. I know people hate it when China is bashed, but this is another reason why China is so backasswards, (or is it assbackwards.)

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