Cute But Costly: Liangzhu Lifestyle Hotel, Xiamen

Xiamen feels a lot like Taiwan. That makes it a popular place to visit, and as it gets more popular its tourist infrastructure continues to grow.

The city has a lot of hotels but the Liangzhu Lifestyle Hotel is a different experience from a standard Chinese hotel. A Small hotel with less than ten bedrooms on three floors, it feels charming and relaxing. It has a garden and common room for guests.

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A Convenient Location

The hotel is in the old colonial quarter. That is quiet and charming in itself, with some outstanding coffee shops nearby and a relaxing book shop next door. A wide range of local eating options are available five to ten minutes away on foot. The hotel is also within walking distance to the pedestrian street at the centre of Xiamen’s tourist area, at the end of which is the ferry pier.

The hotel is on a quiet side street, so it is best to call a taxi or walk out onto a main street if you need one, otherwise Didi is an option. A taxi between the airport and the hotel costs around fifty RMB.

Thoughtful Design

Each room has a theme, such as wine, movies, books, nostalgia and so on and is decorated occasionally. I was staying in the wine room, which came with a welcome gift of a half bottle of French wine. That was a thoughtful touch.

The design throughout is fairly cute in general. That said, it’s not perfect and the bathroom doesn’t match the room design. The wine room bathroom also had a step down to the door, which felt a bit dangerous.

The wine room had a spacious balcony looking out onto the hotel garden and over towards the bookshop. With a neighbour practicing the piano, it was a restful spot.

The garden is relaxing but had a loud insect which woke me up, so it may be best (as always) to pack earplugs.

Free Breakfast

I booked through Agoda at a rate excluding breakfast, but in fact the hotel offered a free breakfast anyway. With noodles, fruit juice, eggs, dumplings, you tiao and lychee fruit, it was a tasty, healthy start to the day. The reception has a coffee machine and offers coffee.

Small Hotel Service

Like many small hotels in Asia, the size comes with benefits and costs. The service was generally friendly, but a delayed arrival was greeted very grumpily. To find the hotel one is instructed to phone it, which is common in China, but less convenient if you do not have a Chinese SIM card. There was no telephone in the room, which makes it a bit less convenient should you want to contact reception, let alone the outside world.

The Price is Costly

So far, so good. The thing about the hotel which would make hesitate to return was the price – around $800 per night. It is a cute hotel and I understand that Xiamen is a tourist destination, but for a hotel in China I think that’s pricy. If you like pretty hotels and plan to spend some time there, that might be fine, but if you just want a base for a trip, there may well be better value options.

Tel. +86 (0)592 2071322.


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