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TPE Taipei – HKG, CX465 Flight Review


This was part of a TPE-PVG return which I bought on Cathay’s website the week before departure for NTD9,776 (HKD2,311). If booking much further out, the prices actually get much lower than that. However, for those cheap prices the flight selection can be limited, which is why I was booked on such an early morning flight on a Sunday. The whole ticket was a mixture of V and N class and would accrue 1,600 Asia Miles.

At the airport

The Cathay checkin at Taoyuan was very quiet as it was a little after six o’clock on a Sunday morning, so I checked in immediately and proceeded to security, which as always at Taoyuan whatever the time had a queue.


This was an B777-300ER and in economy class was half full at most. At my seat there was a USB outlet but no plug socket. There was an inflight entertainment system with the usual regional Cathay selection which despite excluding films is still extensive.


The flight pushed back on time and arrived in HK on schedule, with none of the turbulence one often experiences in the last twenty minutes of this journey.


The cabin crew were efficient but mechanical and not very warm. There was no Marco Polo greeting.

Newspaper service at Taoyuan can be unpredictable, so I was pleased that that morning’s local papers were available as one boarded.

Food and Drink

Cathay’s breakfast service in general I do not find to be impressive, but this was a new low. There was no tray, just a sort of bag, in which was a hot savoury roll. I was a bit unclear what it actually was, it seemed to be some sort of cheese infused bread. It was actually tasty but slim. This was not a meal service, at best a snack service, and I was disappointed.


This really isn’t a great flight – one has to get to the airport early and the inflight food is the least substantial I have had on Cathay. The light load means that one’s already slim chances of an upgrade feel even slimmer.

That said, if you were looking for a flight where there’s a fair chance you can have an empty seat beside you, this might be a good choice.

Guest Blogger: Christopher R.

CX Taipei

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