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Can’t remember seeing Doha on this list. If it has been, it certainly doesn’t come up often! Start your adventure in the Middle East and visit Doha, the shining jewel of Qatar in March before the unbearably hot summer starts in May! This multicultural capital city of Qatar is fast becoming one of the Persian Gulf’s premiere cities and its unique culture and dazzling harbour views will definitely give you a unique experience.

Cathay Pacific releases its latest set of fanfares for travels departing next week, early March and mid-April. Highlights of this week’s deals include two-way long-haul flights to Los Angeles and New York at around $5,000.

On another note, flights to Penang and Osaka are also attractive options. Otherwise you see the usual suspects such as Sanya, Da Nang, Johannesburg, etc.

cx fanfare jan 2015

Fly with us to #Doha and walk along its spectacular Al-Corniche to see the magic of skyscrapers rising in the desert! Book #fanfares at 8am and embrace the city’s Islamic art, great shopping and unique setting.

Fares include: (*with applicable taxes and carrier-imposed surcharges)
Sanya HKD490 | HKD982*
Cebu HKD890 | HKD1268*
Bangkok HKD990 | HKD1368*
Penang HKD990 | HKD1512*
Da Nang HKD1490 | HKD2005*
Osaka HKD1890 | HKD2472*
Doha HKD2090 | HKD3462*
Johannesburg HKD2190 | HKD3838*
Okinawa HKD2290 | HKD2735*
Los Angeles HKD3290 | HKD5034*
New York HKD3490 | HKD5234*

*Taxes and surcharges are subject to change.
Should any discrepancy be found, please refer to

#多哈 以現代建築, 購物中心及國際頂級體育賽事為名。早上八時準時訂購 #fanfares,與我們一同探索著名的藝術建築!

三亞 港幣490 | 港幣982*
宿霧 港幣890 | 港幣1268*
曼谷 港幣990 | 港幣1368*
檳城 港幣990 | 港幣1512*
峴港 港幣1490 | 港幣2005*
大阪 港幣1890 | 港幣2472*
多哈 港幣2090 | 港幣3462*
約翰內斯堡 港幣2190 | 港幣3838*
沖繩 港幣2290 | 港幣2735*
洛杉磯 港幣3290 | 港幣5034*
紐約 港幣3490 | 港幣5234*

所有票價以 為準

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