Shanghai Pudong to Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific 367


This was ticketed as the third leg of a Taipei to Shanghai return ticket. The ticket is covered in this post.

I had chosen to fly this segment on a Cathay flight rather than one of the more frequent Dragonair flights in part because I feel that Cathay in economy offers a more consistent product than Dragonair.


The checkin counter at Pudong was quiet and I was efficiently checked in in a matter of seconds. I wasn’t checking in baggage and was soon on my way. I noticed that Cathay seems to have changed their ticket stock, removing the different coloured boxes on the boarding passes which previously distinguished between the different classes of travel. This makes it slightly harder to see at a glance which class one is in.

cx boarding pass


At this time of day (flight departure is 12.20 p.m.) the airport was relatively quiet and there were fairly short queues both for passport control and for security. I used the Cathay lounge for a while and proceeded to the plane for a perfectly on time boarding. It was an orderly boarding and we pushed back on schedule.


This was operated by a 777-300ER. It was kitted out in the normal Cathay configuration and contained their regional inflight entertainment system.

cx seat


The polluted Shanghai sky meant that the view disappeared a short while after takeoff, but this was a smooth and uneventful flight. The plane in economy was busy but not near full.


The crew was professional and quite warm. They did the meal service fast after the seatbelt signs were turned off and then weren’t much to be seen in the cabin. I didn’t receive any Marco Polo greeting. We landed and taxied to a near gate in HK on schedule.

Food and Drink

The meal was pork and rice or fish and rice and I chose the former. The pork chunks were well sized and quite tasty. The rest was unremarkable – a mini-sized Toblerone would be a nice post-prandial chocolate but it doesn’t qualify as a dessert in my view.

pvg food


Overall this was a pretty unremarkable flight, which coming from Shanghai with its myriad delays is no bad thing.

Guest Blogger: Christopher R.

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