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Dragonair name change to Cathay Dragon


Today, on November 21, 2016 Cathay Pacific, which is the parent company of Dragonair, will change the name of Dragonair to Cathay Dragon. That’s the only change I’ve heard of thus far. It shouldn’t affect operations, your flights, or anything really.

I’m a bit sad that the Dragonair name is disappearing. It was unique and kinda cool, who wouldn’t want to be associated with a Dragon? Granted the “dragon” is still there in name, but I think it’s a bit less interesting when you put Cathay in front of it, not to mention it’s confusing now with two airlines starting with “Cathay”.

Changes are the name and logo. That’s the only thing I can see. Cathay is trying to pawn it off as something more, but it’s not. Let me show you the examples.

When you fly with Cathay Dragon from Mainland China or other regional Asian destinations, you can seamlessly connect in Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific’s extended global network. Together, we fly to 180 destinations around the world.

We take great pride in creating authentic seasonal Chinese dishes for our inflight menu and serving them to you freshly prepared in the sky.

Hmm, Cathay Pacific and Dragonair already had seamless connections, no change there. Dragonair was always a little bit more “Chinese.” That’s mainly because they flew to China though, so it’s natural. I don’t see any change there neither.

Boring announcement Cathay Pacific. Maybe you should’ve saved the marketing dollars and paid your staff a bit more so they’re happier. Now you can’t tell people you’re flying Cathay, you need to say I’m flying Pacific or Dragon, lol.



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