Delhi DEL Lounge Review

Delhi Lounge Review

Cathay uses the shared ITC Hotels Green Lounge in terminal three at Delhi international airport. It is upstairs from the security check level. The Cathay gate agent had told me to turn left after security, which was inaccurate. The lounge is upstairs from the security screening level – the simplest direction is to follow the signposts for “Lounges A”.

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The lounge is shared amongst a lot of airlines. It is a decent size but when I was there filled up so that it was fairly busy. However, there were still seats available.

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The lounge is open to the main terminal. There are not many announcements in the main terminal so the noise coming in is not too bad, and this does at least make the lounge feel a bit less cramped.

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Most of the seats are single, square seats in a leather effect finish. There is one area with a television showing sports and a few massage chairs around it.

del business seating

There is a small but functional business area located in the middle of the lounge, which does make it a bit noisy for telephone calls. It has a few computers and a large printer.

There is a selection of snack food, and also more substantial meal options. When I visited the Indian meal options were all vegetarian, while there were some international options which were non-vegetarian. The food was of decent quality.

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The spirits selection was good. The wine was limited to one red and one white, both Indian – drinkable, but not great. Meanwhile, I was disappointed that instead of stocking some of the good local beer brands, the lounge only had Foster’s and the execrable Budweiser, both locally brewed.

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del lounge wine

Presumably because of the number of international airlines which use the lounge, it had an excellent range of newspapers, not only in English but also in French and other languages.

During my visit the staff were attentive and friendly, adding a lot to my lounge experience.

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