Cathay Pacific/Dragonair Fanfares (Sept 29)

Highlights for Cathay Pacific’s fanfares this week are long-haul flights while close-by destinations remain rather so-so. The deals that might be appealing for some are Dubai (Oct 6-12) at HK$2,475, San Francisco (Oct 3-12) at HK$4,286, Zurich (Nov  1-14) at HK$5,083 and New York (Nov 15-30 ) at HK$5,386.

For closer destinations, Nagoya (Dec 6-19) at HK$2,762 is not too bad for a trip before the cold winter hits Japan.

For the rest of Cathay Pacific’s list, the last-minute travels depart as early as October 2 (this Friday ) while others leave from early November to mid December.

Also check out Hong Kong Express’s latest sale for travels from September 29 to December 16, 2016. Booking started yesterday at midnight.


Walk the line between past and present in one of the fastest growing cities in Asia. ‪#‎Shanghai‬ offers everything from Qing-dynasty streets and 19th century European architecture to artistic modern skyscrapers and glittering waterfront views. Discover something unexpected around every corner, and have a bao while you’re at it. Enjoy our additional service to Hongqiao International Airport and book ‪#‎fanfares‬ at 8am.
Fares include: (*with applicable taxes and carrier-imposed surcharges):
Manila HKD 790 | HKD 1088*
Shanghai HKD 790 | HKD 1106*
Guilin HKD 790 | HKD 1106*
Qingdao HKD 990 | HKD 1306*
Ho Chi Minh City HKD 990 | HKD HKD 1363*
Yangon HKD 1490 | HKD 1865*
Dubai HKD 1790 | HKD 2475*
Nagoya HKD 2390 | HKD 2762*
San Francisco HKD 2990 | HKD 4286*
Zurich HKD 4290 | HKD 5083*
New York HKD 4390 | HKD 5386*
*Taxes and surcharges are subject to change.
Should any discrepancy be found, please refer

‪#‎上海‬,你可穿越時空,從清朝大街,走過19世紀歐式建築,一瞬間,整個繁榮都市就在眼前;亦可細嚐今昔滋味,享用龍井茶、生煎包,甚至新派上海菜。我們增添更多航班飛往虹橋國際機場,讓你隨時踏上旅途。早上八時準時訂購 #fanfares!
馬尼拉 港幣 790|港幣 1088*
上海 港幣 790|港幣 1106*
桂林 港幣 790|港幣 1106*
青島 港幣 990|港幣 1306*
胡志明市 港幣 990|港幣 1363*
仰光 港幣 1490|港幣 1865*
杜拜 港幣 1790|港幣 2475*
名古屋 港幣 2390|港幣 2762*
三藩市 港幣 2990|港幣 4286*
蘇黎世 港幣 4290|港幣 5083*
紐約 港幣 4390|港幣 5386*
所有票價以 為準。

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